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PAN Amsterdam 2012 part 2

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PAN Amsterdam has this year the 26e edition. A Fair wear art, antique and design from home and abroad meets.
Where past and present come together. For me a good change to see what new things we can see. I was very impressed by the many wonderfull Photo’s, 3D printing and different type of collages.

Here an overview of exhibitors with things i like the most.

Gallery Pien Rademakers

Photo faces : Ingrid baars
Statue : Sebiha Demir
Vases : Sebastiaan Straatsma
Photo : Carli Hermes
Photo + Lithography : Casper Faassen
Womans face : Marc Lagrange
Photo : Adi Da Samraj

Art trade Meijer

Quilt lady : Richard lindner
Donald duck : andy whsrhol
Pixel lady : Reihard Voigt
Collage :Maria Brockstedt
Love: Robert Indiana
Fluo color: Ruprecht Geiger
Red/black: Guiseppe Capogrossi

Torch Gallery

Oil paintings: Line Gulsett
Naked people: Terry Rodgers
Branches: Eelco Brand
Table: Gary Carsley
Cowboy’s: Wouter Deruytter
Video Blossom : Eelco Brand

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New Items

Here an overview of the last placed items on the site. Enjoy looking around!

Scarf design

For a client me made the designs for a new scarf

Labeling Bamboo socks
Label we made for client in socks, this was for bamboo kids socks.
Flyers and Cards
Graphic design for a hairdresser's. flyers, business cards, social media post. Hem & Haar kappers
Collectie Lopes &Y

Collectie gemaakt in samenwerking met klant voor Lopes & Y.

Collection Saar Bliss

Collectie gemaakt in samenwerking met klant voor Saar Bliss

Tee’s Mr.Sossa

Collection tee’s for Mr.Sossa