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Summer theme home

6th oktober


Summer collection for cushions with some of the color ways to see.

Summer home collection

6th oktober


Different collections of cushions made for summer

Cushions summer

5th september


Cushions collection made for international client

Cushions winter

5th mei


Winter collection made in cushions for international client

New Items

Here an overview of the last placed items on the site. Enjoy looking around!

Scarf design

For a client me made the designs for a new scarf

Labeling Bamboo socks
Label we made for client in socks, this was for bamboo kids socks.
Flyers and Cards
Graphic design for a hairdresser's. flyers, business cards, social media post. Hem & Haar kappers
Collectie Lopes &Y

Collectie gemaakt in samenwerking met klant voor Lopes & Y.

Collection Saar Bliss

Collectie gemaakt in samenwerking met klant voor Saar Bliss

Tee’s Mr.Sossa

Collection tee’s for Mr.Sossa