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Pink Studio is a Design agency for the fashion industry, founded in 2008 by Petra Huffmeijer-Dorpmans.   After many years of experience in the fashion industry by working for different international companies, she decided to start her own fashion agency. Since then she has  worked for a variety of large companies at home and abroad. In all these years an impressive track record in designing casual womens- mens- and childrens collections has been build.

Pink Studio supports it’s clients in their fashion styling activities in a professional and commercial way. Pink Studio will add special value to :
Interim management &  Coaching |Trend & Colour research  | Concept development | Creative Consultancy | Styling & (technical) Design | Creative Artworks and Dessins | Graphic design.

Pink Studio combines flexibility and creativity with commercial flair. Trends are spotted accurately in the market and translated to clear and commercial concepts. These concepts are communicated through moodboards, colourcards, photo’s, sketches and samples to our clients needs.

Pink Studio has proved to be a creative and reliable partner for agents, private label companies, brands, hypermarkets and department stores.

Pink Studio works with MAC and PC, with the programs Adobe CS6 and Fashion studio from Nedgraphics for checks and dessins.

Pink Studio has been from the start an approved apprenticeship and offer students the opportunity to get an internship.  She has interns alternating MBO and HBO courses. ROC Tilburg, Eindhoven, The Hague, Graphic Lyceum Utrecht and AMFI Amsterdam.

Pink Studio has worked for clients and retailers/brands as Efteling, Souza Kids, Hipperdepip, Fashion Power, VersPlus, Leenbakker, Bemoeiburo 013, Pamela Anderson, FC de Rebellen, Adnani Export, Bhahaa Export, Levens cooking, Raj Exports, Le Baron, La Paay, Blokker, Action, OVG Textiles, Ruttchen, Lexro BV, Siddiqsons Limited, Zeeman, Big bazaar, CBI (Ministry of foreign affairs),Lexro BV, Jan van Trier, Charlie Choe, C&A Baby and Kids, C&A Socks, Disney, Warner Bross, Marvell, Tru care LTD, Nema Fashion, Those baby basics, No Tomatoes, Lolo love to Love, Cosmo Casting, Credit coach, Yep Yep, Bremtex bv, Hema, Fresh Homecollection, V&D, Mylene, Dutch Spirit, RHL Clothing, TUFF, MC Gregor kids department, Villa Happ, Dielezz, Soofies, Nash international, Nooteboom textiles bv , Carrefour, Hypermarket, Neckerman, Kop en schouders, Blond Amsterdam, Lingix, Rogon, The clothing Company, and many more.


New Items

Here an overview of the last placed items on the site. Enjoy looking around!

Alice in wonderland Baby Girls collection summer

Baby Girls collection Alice in Wonderland made for international client.




Talk the Hype infant boy’s W 17/18


Slogans & Statements: wording becomes both inspirational and thoughtful with encouraging words and quotes or heartwarming and environmental-awareness statements. A focus on quality, craft...

INTO THE WILD boy’s winter collection W 17/18
Into the wild. Animal-inspired prints and graphics, with big cats leading the way. Prints and graphics are efreshed with outlines in bold colours and photoreal images. Hand-drawn...
INTO THE WILD Kids girls collection w17/18

Into the wild.

Animal-inspired prints and graphics, with big cats leading the way. Prints and graphics are efreshed with outlines in bold colours and photoreal images. Hand-drawn...

BOHO RICHE Kids Girls collection w17/18


An old world European elegance merges with a modern boldness that can be humorous, quirky and slightly irreverent. The kid will be dressed to impress...

Kitsch Cowboy Kids girls winter collection w17/18


City influences merge with Wild West vibes for this collection, which includes traditional rodeo ideas and urbanised details. Native prints, stencilled patterns, Wild West embroideries...