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Premiere vision Summer 17

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Seeking new balances, Spring Summer 17 plays on positive, creative instabilities, breaking free of half-hearted solutions and prevailing convention.

Fabrics and colours are consistently more distinctive and multi-sensory, emerging as watchful and essential partners
ready to convey differentiation, and communicate emotion.
The season will feed on surprising combinations to suggest irreverent, mildly disconcerting unions,
to create slightly wonky lines or nicely unmatched silhouettes.

A strongly singular, and inherently appealing, season.



Getting to the essence of fabrics and shape
and cultivating fashion with a powerful and vibrant beauty.
Singling out the imperfection that makes all the difference,
that upends the too-perfect and lends excitement to the simplicity of volumes.
Combining a primitive look and a deep-down sophistication.
Intensifying the sensual side of fabrics, the raw handles and bold visuals.
Challenging convention by shifting transparency onto outer layers.

Composing alliances by mixing thickness and delicacy,
or a linen-y rusticity and delicate frills.



Composing a chic wardrobe with a healthy dose of impertinence,
gleefully overturning the classics,
mischievously blurring masculine/feminine notions.
Inviting a new instability into cuts, dramatically altering shapes,
making lines slip and slide, introducing asymmetry.

Transposing decoration onto a tailored or casual universe, and playing with
a funny and likeable exuberance on the very edges of good taste.



Balancing science and poetry,
breathing emotion into technique, sensuality into motion,
to create graceful fashions with a sporty DNA.
Energising lingerie references for everyday,
embellishing and softening performance,
combining comfort and charm, citywear and sexiness.

Connecting stretch and fine weights, capturing light,
laying the groundwork for a future as intelligent as it is sensitive.


A colour range for Spring Summer 17 with unexpected affinities fostering attractions between markedly different tones.

The range brings out the bond between fragility and strength, and strives for a balance between hyper-expression and ultra-discretion. It reveals subtle harmonies between luminous vibrancy and colourful neutrals, and plays on jolting rhythms and explosive synergies.


Tones look almost too realistic, full, warm and ruddy tones,
the colours of skin, flesh and raw meat,
colours that are edible, sensual and sensory.




Colours play together in nuances of vapours, powders and transparencies,
hesitant colds and fresh lively tones with a shy dreaminess
and an interplay of evanescent brightness and magnetic darks.



An energising rhythm of colourful pales and dazzling brights, of effervescent and jubilant bitter-sweet notes,
of supernatural, sweet and pungent floral tones,
of vitamin-boosted, dissonant and impertinent contrasts.


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